Driving Experiences

Several times throughout the year we put on exciting events where you are invited to sign up to strap your up and coming race car driver into a real race car and take it for a spin! We provide all the safety equipment, instruction, and guidance to make this day one to remember for years to come, especially if you are thinking about giving it a shot. Many of our current drivers got their first taste of racing during one of our Driver Experience days.

Sign up for our May 7th Event Here!

Upcoming Events

Info Session / Swap Meet / Bowling Fundraiser

Mar 19 - 10a-3p
Bowling to follow

Have more questions? Couldn't make it out to Autorama? Want to check out the track facilities? Come on out for this informal opportunity to meet and greet, and if you have any QM equipment you're ready to send to a new home, bring it out and set up a table!

Let us know you're coming via our Facebook Event!

Scholarship Program

Interested in getting started but not sure whether your little racer is ready enough to make the big investment? As a club we understand that the decision to go racing is not something to take lightly, so perhaps you'd like to spend the first year in our Scholarship program! As a club we have a few cars available to be raced for the year for a small fee + deposit so that all you will need to worry about that first year is the membership fees and safety equipment. This allows you to start slowly and build up a knowledge base that will help you make a more informed decision later.

Download Scholarship Application